About Us

myEMAapp.com is a division of OCV, LLC., the leaders in mobile app development for emergency management organizations, public health agencies, law enforcement and public safety organizations for over nine years. Our custom apps for iPhone and Android devices help emergency management organizations reach their citizens where they are: their smartphones.

myEMAapp.com will help your organization brand itself as innovative leaders in emergency management services within your community and provide easy access to important information for your citizens. App users have the ability to receive instant push notifications from your organization, make a damage report, access a weather radar and forecast, create a customized emergency checklist and more – all from an app!

Our Process


Our team of communication strategists will work with your emergency management agency to determine your specific needs and how they can be met with an app.


Our designers will work to determine the best way to present your information, making the app both helpful and easy to use.


Our experienced team of developers will then work to bring the app to life, implementing the previously determined strategy and design into a unique mobile solution.

Leaders in Public Safety App Development

At myEMAapp.com, we are a part of a team of app developers that have been the leaders in public service app development for over nine years. We develop custom apps for public safety, emergency management and public health agencies across the entire United States, including emergency management organizations, sheriffs’ offices, police departments and fire departments! Our goal is to build an app that will not only serve your organization the best, but serve your community better than ever before.

Common Features

Take a look at the most popular features we offer our clients and how these features can benefit not only your emergency management organization, but most importantly, your citizens.

Emergency Plan

Store important emergency contact information, medical information and a personalized emergency checklist.

School Closings

See all of the latest school closings and the time period of their closings.


Access a map and list of shelters in your area.

Power Outages

View reported power outages in your area.

Instant Push Notifications

Send breaking news alerts, important updates and more right to your citizens’ mobile devices.

Traffic Updates

View all of the traffic in your area and use a map to see the traffic along your route.


Get all the latest weather updates, view a weather radar and see your local forecast.

Social Media Integration

Combine all social media accounts into one continuous stream within the app. Updated in real time.